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  • Audrey a Great Dane stretched out comfortably on her giant Barka Parka pet bed
    This is Audrey, a very large Great Dane. Her extra large SIZE 58 gives her heaps of room to stretch right out. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ MORE ABOUT AUDREY
  • Buddy a Great Dane stretched out on his giant pet bed
    Meet Buddy another very large Great Dane. He looks very contented able to stretch out on his giant pet bed. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ ABOUT MORE GIANT DOGS ON THEIR BARKA PARKAS
  • Bosca a Rhodesian Ridgeback looks very contented on his pet bean bag
  • Biff a Boxer looking very comfortable on his pet bed
  • Bentley a Cattle dog looks pensive but comfy on his Barka Parka pet bean bed
  • Benson a large German Shepherd fast asleep on his Barka Parka pet bed

Welcome to Barka Parka pet beds

Barka Parka Pet Beds are unrivalled in quality, comfort and style.
We specialise in making pet bean beds for dogs & cats.
Pet beds that provide all-year comfort and support.
Barka Parka pet beds are easy to wash, stylish and attractive. Hand made in Australia.

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Our range of pet beds

save 20% icon When you order a Super Set you save 20% on the price of the second Slipcover.
Have one in the wash. one on the bed so your pet’s bed is always clean and fresh.