Are your pet beds chew proof?

The short answer is:-
NO. Nothing is safe against the teeth of a determined dog. Whilst our beds are tough and will stand up to clawing and digging they will not withstand teeth and chewing.

The long answer is:-
The way to avoid dogs destroying their beds is usually to make sure that the bed is comfortable in the first place.

  • Few of you would be surprised if I suggested that dogs like their comfort just like we do. For a dog this usually means having a “nest” that they can snuggle into. The reason for this is that their ancestors, wild dogs, like to scrape a shallow nest in loose leaf litter on the forest floor and sleep there. When the bedding that we provide them, such as blankets and mats, doesn’t allow them to snuggle then many dogs will simply reduce the offending bed to the consistency of loose leaf litter and then they snuggle down into their newly made nest. In this case the answer is to buy them a bean bed which moulds to their shape and allows them to nest.
  • If your dog is one who just chews everything in sight and is wilfully destructive then we recommend that you DO NOT buy a bean bed.
  • If your dog only destroys toys (allowed) and beds then a Barka Parka may well be the answer.
    NB. Make sure that you supervise them for the first hour or so to allow them to realise that this bed is already comfy and doesn’t need to be chewed!
  • Also note that our Two Year Guarantee excludes damage from teeth and chewing.