Can I buy a bed for my puppy?


  • In fact we recommend you start off your puppy’s life with a Barka Parka pet bed as it will provide it with a lifetime of support and comfort, possibly lengthening your pet’s overall lifespan.
  • For large and giants dogs prone to arthritis and bone defects due to their size, a Barka Parka pet bed will possibly delay the onset of arthritis and bone problems.
  • Puppies like comfort just as much as older dogs and they need the support and warmth that a good bed can provide. Since the main reason that any dog will chew its bedding is to try to make it more comfortable and because Barka Parka beds are already comfortable your puppy will not feel any particular need to chew the bed. It will grow up and into a Barka Parka.
  • Of course puppies like to put things in their mouth (just like human infants), it’s part of their education, so we recommend that you supervise your puppy on its new bed for the first few hours or even days. If they do ‘have a go’ tell them NO. Be firm. Then give them a scratch or a cuddle just so they know you still love them, and provide them with a toy that they can chew on their bed.