Can I have an All-over-cover?

Yes you can in special circumstances but we strongly recommend against it.

  • An All-over cover is so much harder to take off and replace for washing so you will probably be less inclined to do it. This means that smells may tend to build up and become unpleasant. Our unique elasticized Slip-cover is specifically designed for you to easily and quickly whip the cover off in a moment and put it back nearly as easily – so you’re more inclined to do it.
  • Plus the bed may not work quite as well. It may not be quite as comfortable for your pet because it is so much harder to line up the top circle of the cover with the top circle of the inner bed will not allow the two components to work together. Its much like a doona cover- if you put the cover on crooked then you won’t expect it to lie flat or be comfortable.
  • If your pet is constantly causing the Slip-cover to come off then we will gladly make an All-over cover for their bed. Contact us or phone us anytime 03 9016 3394 to discuss it with us.