Can I put the Barka Parka in a basket?

NO. Never!

  • A Barka Parka is designed as a stand alone bed which provides support and comfort.
  • The basket will work directly against this. Equally it is extremely unlikely that you would be able to get a basket large enough to fit both the bed and the dog and even if you did, the basket will add nothing to the comfort.
  • In fact Barka Parka was first created precisely because of the manifest inadequacies of baskets in terms of both size and comfort. Furthermore since many ‘baskets’ are in fact plastic buckets they will cause the bed to sweat and smell.
  • Personally I recommend that if you have a plastic bucket style ‘basket’ and you buy a Barka Parka for your pet, drill a few holes in the bottom of the basket, fill it with soil and use it as a plant pot!!