Can I use the Dri-top when my female pet is in season?

Absolutely, that is what the Dri-top is designed for.

  • The Dri-top is a waterproof cover made of high grade Oxford 310 denier Polyurethane Nylon, custom made to fit the Barka Parka pet bed.
  • ◦The Dritop is a waterproof cover that fits over the Inner mattress of your Barka Parka pet bed to prevent “nasty” liquids penetrating and contaminating the Inner bean filling.
  • The Dri-top and Slip-cover can be easily removed for washing. This means that you and your pet get a peaceful, comfortable nights sleep and you still have an attractive looking pet bed.
  • We also recommend you consider a Super pet bed set with TWO slipcovers. This will mean you a spare slipcover to put on your pet’s bed whilst the soiled one is in the wash. Your pet can then continue to use their bed. If you already have a Barka Parka pet bed you can purchase a Spare Slipcover at any time.
  • For more details about the Dri-top visit our Dri-top page.