How do I replace or top-up the beans?

Where is the best place to do it?

The best place to do anything with beans is in the bath (ensure the plug is in to stop beans blocking the drain) as it provides a perfect receptor for catching runaway beans.
Or in a garage or shed. Try to choose a cool day or in a cool place. Warm days and air can cause static making the beans difficult to control.

How do I open the zip without a zip tag?

  • Find the zip which is located between the tabs on the inner mattress.
    We have removed the tag off the zip opener for safety reasons.
  • Simply insert a paper clip into the gap where the tag would normally be on the zip opener, pull it up and across to open the zip.

Open pet bed zip with a paper clip

Procedure for top-ups:

  • Get a second person to hold the Mattress open whilst you gently ladle the beans into it.
    Using a 1 litre kitchen measuring jug is best for this purpose.
  • Add approx. 10% of the number of beans needed for a complete fill.
  • Close the zip and remove the paper clip.
  • Replace the Slip-cover and see what the bed looks like. If it still looks a bit flat then add some more beans.

Procedure for Refills:

  • Open the zip using a paper clip.
  • Gently tip the old beans into a garbage bag (make sure it has no holes in it)€“ and place in your normal garbage bin for collection.
  • Carefully cut the corner off the new bag of beans, hold it closed with your hand, insert it into the Inner and carefully allow the beans to gently flow into the Mattress.
    Try to judge the number of beans according to the chart in the Top-ups booklet, but as a rule of thumb the Mattress is full if you lay it flat and bring the top two edges together and they meet ‘snugly’. Of course the only way to really tell is to replace the Slip-cover and owner and see how it looks!
  • Don’t forget to close the zip and remove the paper clip once you have finished filling the bed.