How do I replace the elastic?

  • Replacing the elastic is easy to do and will only be necessary after many years of use and washing at which time the elastic may lose it’s tension. You will probably notice that the Slip-cover feels lose or keeps coming off.
  • The elastic is unlikely to come apart as it is securely sewn together.
    If it appears to have come apart, it is often because your pet has had a bit of a nibble at the hem and chewed the elastic inside. Check along the hem for any holes that may need repairing before inserting new elastic.

How much elastic will you need?

  • You will need to contact us for the correct length and type of elastic needed. We do not publish the elastic specifications to protect the design of our products.
  • Contact us or call us on 03 9016 3394 for the exact length of elastic required or if you would like us to replace the elastic for you.

How to replace the elastic:

You will need a length of elastic, crochet hook or tweezers and a large safety pin for re threading the new elastic.
Just follow these easy steps.
Step 1: Find the hem opening near the Slip-cover seam with the Barka Parka label.
Step 2: Using a crocket hook or tweezers pull the elastic through the hem opening.
Step 3: Cut the elastic and pull out.
Step 4: Thread the new elastic through the hem with a large pin.
Step 5: Secure by overlapping the ends and using a zig zag stitch or tie the ends securely.

Pulling the elastic out of the hem
Pulling the elastic out of the hem

Detailed instructions are included on Page 2 of our Care Instructions booklet.