Is the Inner bed washable?

Yes you can but …..

  • You MUST remove the beans first. There is a zip on the Inner mattress to make it easier to empty out the beans.
  • Of course you should seldom need to wash the Inner, any more than you wash your own mattress.
    As long as you regularly wash the Slip-cover and keep it reasonably clean, then the Inner will not need to be washed.
  • When you replace the beans (every few years) it is probably a good idea to take advantage and wash the Inner at the same time before adding new beans.
  • If the Inner bed seems to smell “doggy” it may be that some hairs have got on the Inner especially on the bottom part not covered by the Slip-cover. Just give it a brushing with a clothes brush and you may find the smell disappears with no need to wash it as it is the dog hair that carries the smells.
  • We also recommend that you hang the Inner mattress on the line to air now and again using the tabs found either side of the zip opening. This will freshen up the inner without needing to wash it. It’s a good idea to hang it out to air at the same time that you wash the slip-cover.
zip opening showing bean filling and safety tag
zip opening for bean filling
use the tabs to hang out the inner mattress to air
Tabs to hang out to air