Should I order a Filled or Unfilled pet bed?


  • Having your pet’s bed arrive filled means that you can open the parcel, “plop” it on
    the floor and your pet can immediately snuggle into it.  Happy pet, happy household!
  • We fill the beds as a service to you.    It costs no more than doing it yourself!
  • Hassle free!  Plus you get to see what the bed should look like with the perfect fill.
    This will make it easier to know how it should look when you have to top it up or refill it yourself in a few years time when the beans need replacing.
  • Postage is but a few dollars more but far outweighs the inconvenience of filling it yourself.

Australia Post will deliver filled beds Nationwide up to Size 50.
Larger sizes can only be sent unfilled or you can collect your order directly from us.   ALL overseas orders are sent unfilled.


  • Unfilled beds come as a flat pack.
  • You fill the bed yourself.
  • It can be a messy task as the beans have a life of themselves.
    We do include instructions on how to fill the bed and the amount of beans needed.
  • Unfilled sets are ideal for sending overseas.
  • Easily carried in luggage if travelling interstate or overseas.

Use NEW beans only. Old beans may contain dirt, flea eggs and pet hairs which carry smells, are then transferred to your new Barka Parka pet bed. Using OLD beans will void your 2 year guarantee!