Should I wait until my puppy is full grown?


  • All dogs, like people, suffer serious health consequences from having poor or inadequate bedding.
    This is especially true for large or giant breeds, so the sooner they get a good bed that supports them the better off they will be.
  • Puppies also suffer, initially at least, from being separated from their mum and litter mates. We have all had the experience of a new puppy crying through the night because of this. A comfortable pet bed will help reduce the length and severity of this trauma.
  • Besides, puppies like comfortable beds and they deserve one just as much as any dog. If you tell us you have a puppy we will put some extra beans in the bed to make allowance for the reduced size when compared to a full grown dog. We will also supply you with a piece of plastic sheeting to protect the Inner Mattress during the toilet training period. By the time the puppy is full grown the beans will have compressed a little and the bed will still be correctly filled.