What are your pet beds made of?


All our pet beds and accessories are made from a Poly-Cotton Twill fabric (67% Polyester/33% Cotton). This is the same fabric that the army use for their drill trousers so it is both tough and comfortable – we buy from the official supplier to the British Army.
This same fabric is also used for corporate uniforms such as bank tellers so it always looks smart and feels soft to the touch.


We only use Virgin polystyrene beans.

  • Beans mould to your pet’s shape providing maximum support and comfort.
  • Your pet can poke, pad and prod to make a nest just right for them.
  • They are also light-weight making it easy to carry your pet’s bed from room to room.
  • We use and recommend polystyrene beans easily available from large retail stores such as Target, Big W and K-Mart.
    These are high quality beans that are of a uniform shape and size. Because the beads are all the same shape they shift around and over each other when your pet “nests” in the bean bed. They also last longer.

For more details and photos go to our Unique pet bed design page