What sort of filling do you use?

We use Polystyrene beans as they mould to your pet’s shape.
Your pet can dig, poke and prod to make a nest just right for them. They ‘mimic’ the loose leaf litter that, in the wild, dogs would naturally make into a nest.
Your pet will satisfy it’s natural instincts to nest without destroying the bed to achieve this. They will then happily snuggle down in pure comfort and with maximum support.

We use only Virgin polystyrene beans

  • They are perfectly round, smooth pellets about 3 mm in size that shift more easily around each other.
  • They also keep their shape better and longer, preventing your pet’s bean bed from flattening prematurely.
  • Virgin polystyrene beads are a higher quality and will last longer.
    They are readily available from stores such as K-Mart and Target.
good quality polystyrene beans
good quality polystyrene beans

Beware of reground bean filling:

  • Reground polystyrene beads are not pre-used but come from large blocks of polystyrene (Styrofoam) that are broken down to beads typically 3–4 mm in size. This method creates uneven pellets that stick together and as the “beads” are uneven they don’t shift easily around each other and your pet may get frustrated unable to make a comfortable “nest”.
  • Reground polystyrene beads are cheaper, but have a shorter active life.
reground polystyrene filling
reground polystyrene filling