Why don’t these beds smell?

  • A Barka Parka pet bed doesn’t harbour smells because of the densely woven Poly/cotton Twill fabric we use.
  • The smells in pet bedding arise from the dog and cat hairs that get trapped in the fabric and then work their way down into the filling along with general dirt, skin flakes etc.
  • We use a twill weave fabric for both the Slip-cover and Inner mattress which prevents the hairs and dirt penetrating into the Inner bed. Because of this the hairs and dirt remain on the surface of the Slip-cover, which is easy to wash and replace, and they are kept out of the filling of the Inner.
  • If you think your Barka Parka IS beginning to smell a bit, try taking the Slip-cover outside and brushing the surface hairs off it. Also brush the bottom of the Inner bed that is not covered by the Slip-cover. You’ll be amazed at how the ‘doggy’ smell disappears!
  • We’re so confident the beds won’t harbour smells that we give you a two year guarantee. Of course a Barka Parka pet bed will last much longer and remain odour free.