Labrador Retriever Puppy, Lilu

Lilu a cute Black Labrador Retriever puppy cosy on her large pet bed
Dear Kara and Simon, This is a message that our Labrador Retriever puppy Lilu asked me to forward to you. Thank you for my bed I love it... Her owner, my son Lindsay, took the photo. She is only five months old, so will have some growing to do before she ‘fits’ it properly. Heather Gungahlin ACT Learn more about the Labrador puppy: The Labrador Retr...
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Labrador puppy, Ellie May

Ellie May Labrador puppy on her new pet bed
Hi there Thank you so much for our black labrador puppy' new bed. She is enjoying it immensely after being very bemused at first. It's a tough gig photographing black dog on black bed! ...... How comfy does she look! 11 months old tomorrow and loving every minute of her Barka Parka Thank you Annie (Ellie May) 26/7/12 Learn more about the Labrador puppy: The...
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Labrador, Echo & Staffy, Betty

Echo a labrador puppy fast asleep on her large pet bed
Labrador puppy Echo and Betty started out sharing a bed, but as Echo grew a bit older, they decided they needed a bed each so mum & dad obliged. Unfortunately the first bed, a size 40, was perfect for Betty but Echo needed a size 45. Now the problem is how to tell them which dog goes on which bed. Often Betty, smaller female and dominant, often grabs the bigger bed! ...
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Labrador puppy, Cobain

Labrador puppy Cobain on his pet bed
Hello! How's it all going? Really keen to see cobain up online :) The site looks great!! thanks Rebecca & Cobain (Labrador puppy) Learn more about the Labrador puppy: The Labrador Retriever, also known as simply Labrador, is one of several kinds of retrievers. They are a type of gun dog. Labrador's are athletic and playful. They are the most popular breed ...
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