Jack Russell x Toy Poodle, Dax

Dax a Jack Russel toy Poodle cross on his graphite pet bed
Learn more about the Jack Russell Terrier: The Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting; it is principally white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated. It is commonly confused with the Parson Russell terrier (see the American Kennel Club) and the Russell terrier, which is a shorter-legged, stockier variety. (Within ...
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Maltese cross, Alice, Molly and Scamp

Alice, Maltese Shih Ttzu x Poodle
Just thought I'd send you a couple of pictures of our babies Molly, Scamp and Alice, all Maltese cross, enjoying their new barka parka beds. In the photo with all 3, Molly is in the front with Alice on the left ( her head is up slightly) and Scamp is on the right. Hope the pictures are ok. Thanks Simone Learn more about Maltese Shih Tzu: T...
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Toy Poodle, Andre and Lucy,

lucys in her snug pet bed
Hi Simon, Here are some photos of Lucy in her new bed Lucy is the black toy poodle.. She loves it!!!! I'm afraid Andre does too. I think he wants a new one too. He wouldn't get off so Lucy had to join him maybe l should have got one big bed. Still unsure whether Andre needs a bigger bed maybe you could advise me. Regards and thanks Caroline
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