Mastiff, English x Bull , Kaasha


AGE: Unknown
BREED: English Mastiff cross Bull Mastiff
SEX: Female
LIVES: Silver Sands, SA
WEIGHT: 52 kg
BED STYLE: Plain Set
COLOURS: Fawn top, Pebble side

Learn more about the Mastiff:

The terms “Mastiff” and “Molosser”
The terms “the mastiff group” and “the mastiffs” has been used synonymously with the term “molosser”. As such any molosser including bulldogs, mountain dogs, pit bulls, and even small dogs such as the Boston terriers may be considered “mastiffs” in this broad sense.
However, the term is most commonly reserved for Dog breeds with the word “Mastiff” in their name including many of the largest of all dogs.
The English is a breed of extremely large dog perhaps descended from the ancient Alaunt and Pugnaces Britanniae, with a significant input from the Alpine in the 19th century. Distinguishable by enormous size, massive head, and a limited range of colors, but always displaying a black mask, the Mastiff is noted for its gentle and loving nature. The lineage of modern dogs can be traced back to the early 19th century, the modern type was stabilised in the 1880s and refined since. Following a period of sharp decline, the Mastiff has increased its worldwide popularity. (Wikipedia)

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