Kelpie Border Collie cross, Beau


BREED: Border Collie Kelpie cross
AGE: 4yrs
SEX: Male
HOME: Atherton, QLD
WEIGHT: 26kg
BED STYLE: Plain Set
TOP: Forest
SIDE: Eau-de-Nil

Hi there, as requested a photo or two of Beau, our Kelpie cross Border Collie, on his great bean bag bed from Barka Parka. The only problem he has is keeping the cat out of it.

Learn more about the Kelpie

  • The Australian Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog successful at mustering and droving with little or no guidance.
  • It is a medium-sized dog. It comes in a variety of colours. The Kelpie has been exported throughout the world and is used to muster livestock, primarily sheep, cattle and goats.
  • The breed has been separated into two distinct varieties. The Show (or Bench) Kelpie and the Working Kelpie. The Show dog is seen at conformation dog shows in some countries and is selected for appearance rather than working instinct. The Working dog is bred for working ability rather than appearance.
  • Robert Kaleski published the first standard for the Kelpie in 1904. The standard was accepted by leading breeders of the time. It was adopted by the Kennel Club of New South Wales.
  • Contemporary breed standards vary depending on whether the registry is for working or show Kelpies. It is possible for a dog to both work and show. Options for competition in conformation shows might be limited depending on ancestry and the opinions of the kennel clubs or breed clubs involved.
  • (Wikipedia)

Links to Local Clubs

Australian Kelpie Club of NSW
Cattle Dog Club of Queensland or Working Dog Rescue of SA

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