Staffy puppy, Bindi

  • Bindi now loves her new pet bed
    Bindi now loves her new pet bed
  • Bindi was a bit unsure about her new pet bed
    Bindi was a bit unsure about her new pet bed
  • No longer unsure. Bindi is very comfy on her new dog bed
    No longer unsure. Bindi is very comfy on her new dog bed


BREED: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
AGE: Puppy
SEX: Female
LIVES: Puckapunyal, Vic
BED STYLE: Delux Set
COLOURS: Brown top and side, Purple piping

Bindi our Staffy puppy was unsure of her new bed at first but now loves it

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Learn more about the Staffy:


  • The Staffordshire Bull Terrier (informally: Staffie, Stafford, Staffy or Staff) is a medium-sized, short-coated breed of dog.
  • It is an English dog, the fifth most popular breed, and is one of several breeds commonly known as pit bulls. Descended from bull baiting ancestors, it is muscular and loyal.
  • The Staffies are medium-sized, stocky, and very muscular dogs, with a similar appearance to the much larger American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier, the latter of which has much longer legs and outweighs the Staffie Bull by approximately 14 kg (30 lbs.)
  • It has a broad wedge shaped head (male considerably more so than female), defined occipital muscles, a relatively short fore-face, dark round eyes and a wide mouth with a clean scissor-like bite (the top incisors slightly overlap the bottom incisors). The ears are small. The cheek muscles are very pronounced. The lips show no looseness. The teeth form a scissors bite.
  • The head tapers down to a strong well-muscled neck and shoulders placed on squarely spaced forelimbs. They are tucked up in their loins and the last 1-2 ribs of the rib-cage are usually visible. The tail resembles an old fashioned pump handle. The hind quarters are well-muscled.
  • They are coloured brindle, black, red, fawn, blue, white, or any blending of these colours with white. White with any other colour broken up over the body is known as pied. Liver-coloured, black and tan dogs can occur but are rare and it is advised not to breed from either as well as those with light eyes. The exception to the light eye rule are Blue staffies; all others should have dark brown eyes even if fawn coat.
  • The coat is smooth and clings tightly to the body giving the dog a streamlined appearance.
  • The Staffy stands 36 to 41 cm (14 to 16 in) at the withers and weigh 13 to 17 kg (29 to 37 lb) for males; females are 11 to 15.4 kg (24 to 34 lb).


For local breed clubs try these links: Western Australia, Queensland or South Australia

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