Colour range for your pet bed products

Delux pet beds are edged with piping colours.

Design your own colour range for your Barka Parka pet products

  • At Barka Parka we believe that choosing the colours for your pet’s bed is as important as choosing the colour of your sofa or curtains.
  • Choose from our range below of 32 fabric colours and 75 piping colours.
  • See our Colour ideas gallery for heaps of ideas.


pet bed fabric swatchWant to see the actual colours, match to your décor?
We strongly recommend you get us to send you a Fabric Swatch Pack to ensure the colours are to your liking.




* N.B. Colours are an approximation.

  • Red fabricRED
  • Burgundy pet bed fabric
  • Rosita pet bed fabricROSITA
  • Navy pet bed fabricNAVY
  • Royal pet bed fabricROYAL
  • Peacock pet bed fabricPEACOCK
  • Metro Blue pet bed fabricMETRO BLUE
  • Purple pet bed fabricPURPLE
  • Lilac pet bed fabricLILAC
  • Bottle pet bed fabricBOTTLE
  • Forest pet bed fabricFOREST
  • Eau-de-nil pet bed fabricEAU-DE-NIL
  • New Lime pet bed fabricNEW LIME
  • Olive pet bed fabricOLIVE
  • Khaki pet bed fabricKHAKI
  • Maize pet bed fabricMAIZE
  • Saffron pet bed fabricSAFFRON
  • Peach pet bed fabricPEACH
  • Brown pet bed fabricBROWN
  • Pebble pet bed fabricPEBBLE
  • Fawn pet bed fabricFAWN
  • black pet bed fabricBLACK
  • Graphite pet bed fabricGRAPHITE
  • Grey pet bed fabricGREY
  • black-grey-stripe pet bed fabricBLACK GREY STRIPE
  • black-cobalt-stripe pet bed fabricBLACK COBALT STRIPE
  • black-emerald-stripe pet bed fabricBLACK EMERALD STRIPE
  • black-white-stripe pet bed fabricBLACK WHITE STRIPE
  • black-grey-stripe pet bed fabricBLUE GREEN SPOTS

Piping colours

Choose piping colours when you order a Delux pet bed or Delux Snug pet bed

  • Piping adds that extra “touch of class” to your pet’s bed.
  • Piping gives an upholstered look to your item.
  • Adding piping colours gives you another colour contrast.

* N.B. Colours are an approximation.
We strongly recommend you get us to send you a Fabric swatch pack to ensure the colours are to your liking.

  • White piping colourWHITE
  • Ivory piping colourIVORY
  • Cream piping colourCREAM
  • Bone piping colourBONE
  • Beige piping colourBEIGE
  • Camel piping colourCAMEL
  • Taupe piping colourTAUPE
  • Brown piping colourBROWN
  • Mint piping colourMINT
  • Avocado piping colourAVOCADO
  • Lime piping colourLIME
  • Forest piping colourFOREST
  • Federation piping colourFEDERATION
  • Jade piping colourJADE
  • Aqua piping colourAQUA
  • Baby Blue piping colourBABY BLUE
  • Sky piping colourSKY
  • Marine piping colourMARINE
  • Turquoise piping colourTURQUOISE
  • Teal piping colourTEAL
  • Cobalt piping colourCOBALT
  • Royal piping colourROYAL
  • Dark royal piping colourDARK ROYAL
  • Navy piping colourNAVY
  • Lilacpiping colourLILAC
  • Violet piping colourVIOLET
  • Purple piping colourPURPLE
  • Baby Pink piping colourBABY PINK
  • Pink piping colourPINK
  • Lolly Pink piping colourLOLLY PINK
  • Fuchsia piping colourFUCHSIA
  • Cerise piping colourCERISE
  • Wine piping colourWINE
  • Red piping colourRED
  • Ruby Red piping colourRUBY RED
  • Orange piping colourORANGE
  • Apricot piping colourAPRICOT
  • Gold piping colourGOLD
  • Old Gold piping colourOLD GOLD
  • Yellow piping colourYELLOW
  • Lemon piping colourLEMON
  • Light Grey piping colourLIGHT GREY
  • Mid Grey piping colourMID GREY
  • Dark Grey piping colourDARK GREY
  • Black piping colourBLACK


  • Coral Gingham pipingCORAL
  • Blush gingham pipingBLUSH
  • Hot Pink gingham pipingHOT PINK
  • Red gingham pipingRED
  • Burgundy Gingham pipingBURGUNDY
  • Brown Gingham pipingBROWN
  • Lilac Gingham pipingLILAC
  • Mauve Gingham pipingMAUVE
  • Sky Gingham pipingSKY
  • Royal Gingham pipingROYAL
  • Navy Gingham pipingNAVY
  • Black Gingham pipigBLACK
  • Bottle Gingham pipingBOTTLE
  • Lime Gingham pipingLIME
  • Yellow Gingham pipingYELLOW


  • Blackwatch tartan pipingBLACKWATCH
  • Black White Tartan pipingBLACK-WHITE
  • Burgundy-Navy Tartan pipingBURGUNDY-NAVY
  • Red-Black Tartan pipingRED-BLACK
  • Red-Green Tartan pipingRED-GREEN
  • Red-Navy Tartan pipingRED-NAVY
  • Red-White Tartan pipingRED-WHITE


  • Navy Stripe pipingNAVY STRIPE
  • Red Stripe pipingRED STRIPE