Pet bed colour ideas

Pet bed colour ideas to inspire you

  • We believe your pet’s bed should look great in your home and match your décor, your pet or whatever takes your fancy.
  • No more ugly embarrassing doggy prints or dull colours. No fake fur which clings to dirt and hair.
  • AT LAST you can have a pet bed that suits your décor and that you can be proud to show friends and visitors. We like to think the Barka Parka is “The pet bed you’d be proud to have your Mother in Law find in your living room!”
  • To help you design your pet’s bean bag bed, here are some snaps of the colour combinations customers have chosen for their pet’s Barka Parka pet bed.
Purple and Black
Saffron, Black/Grey, Black & Rust
Olive and Brown
Burgundy & Brown, Beige & Brown
Graphite, Fawn, Mid Grey
Pebble and Fawn
Graphite, Rosita & Grey
Orchid & Graphite, Pink gingham
Red, Grey & Red/Navy tartan
Peacock and Maize
Rosita, Orchid & Royal
Red, Red/Orange spot
Black, Red/Orange & Orange
Red, Black/Grey & Black
Brown, Olive and Beige
Red and Brown with Ivory
Sky, Pebble, Fawn, Sky gingham
All Fawn with Pebble
Graphite, Rosita & Baby Pink
Orchid & Graphite, Baby Pink
Olive, Khaki & Gold
Red & Maize
Sky, Peacock & Sky gingham
Saffron and Red
Graphite/Black & Jade
Red/Orange, Black, Red
Red & Black/Grey stripe, Black
Brown, New Lime, Brown gingham
Rosita and Brown, Brown piping
Fawn and Pebble
All Graphite with Lime
Rosita & Graphite, Black gingham
Khaki, Olive, Red & Red/Green
Peacock and Pebble
Red with White piping and trim
Black, Peacock & Black/White
Red & Black, Turquoise piping
Blue/Green, Fawn & Lime
Brown, Pebble
Rosita & Brown with Purple
Fawn, Lilac & Lilac gingham
Fawn & Red, Red gingham, Red trim
Grey, Graphite & Fuchsia
Red & Graphite, Red gingham
Khaki, Olive and Red
Peacock and Royal Blue
Red with Bone piping & trim
Red and Black
Red & Black, Red stripe
Fawn, Blue/Green & Lime
Brown and Turquoise
Fawn and Red with Red trim
Grey, Graphite & Navy
Rosita and Graphite with Cerise
Khaki and Olive
Peacock, Royal Blue & Royal/White
Red with Yellow piping & trim
Black/Grey, Graphite & Black
Red & Black, Red/White tartan
Blue/Green, Fawn & Lime
Brown & Brown gingham
Olive, Burgundy & Mid Grey
Metro Blue, Fawn & Cream
Royal Blue, Forest Green & Red
Grey, Graphite & Red
Red & Graphite with Light Grey
Olive and Khaki
Peacock with Fuchsia
Red and Royal, Red gingham
All Black with White piping
Royal Blue & Black/Cobalt stripe
Blue/Green spots
Brown and Rosita
Forest, Burgundy & Gold
Royal Blue, Fawn & Royal gingham
Forest, Red & Red/Green tartan
Grey, Graphite & Black/White tartan
Grey/Red, Black piping
Khaki & Jade
Peacock, Pebble & Turquoise
All Red with Graphite trim
Fawn and Black
Birman cat, Cecil
Graphite, Blue/Green & Black
Brown, Fawn and Ivory
Burgundy with Navy trim
Fawn & Red/Green tartan
Forest & Khaki with Red piping
Grey & Graphite
Grey and Pebble
Khaki & Baby Pink
Pebble, Peacock & Wine
Max & Mr Darcy, GSP
Graphite, Black, Fuchsia
Black/Grey, Graphite & Red gingham
Fawn, Brown & Fuchsia
Burgundy with White trim
Pebble, Fawn & Rust
Bottle, Khaki & Red/Green
Khaki, Graphite & Black
All Grey & Turquoise
Khaki and Orange
Sky and Peacock
Saffron, Royal, Red/Orange Spots
Graphite, Black, Black/Grey & Lolly Pink
Grey, Graphite, Black/Grey & Red
New Lime, Graphite, Blue Green
Brown, Burgundy & Royal/White
Khaki and Burgundy
Fawn and Pebble
Olive, Khaki & Beige
Graphite and White
Grey & Wine piping
All Khaki with Royal Blue
Peacock, Royal Blue & Lime Green
Lily, Airedale Terrier
Black, Graphite & Bone
Purple, Black/Grey & Forest Green
Khaki and Bottle
Pebble, Brown & Turquoise
Burgundy & Graphite, Baby Pink
Fawn and Pebble
Rosita, Forest & Lime gingham
Royal Blue, Graphite & Royal/White
Royal Blue, Grey and Red
Saffron, Khaki & Orange
New Lime and Purple
Red/Orange, Peacock & New Lime
Rosita, Royal & Blush gingham
Black/Grey, Graphite & Black
Graphite, Black/Grey & Purple
Bottle, Forest & Lime Green
Brown, Fawn and Ivory
All Burgundy with Pink piping
Fawn, Pebble & Ivory
Forest and Sky
Lilac, Graphite & Purple
Purple and Grey
Red & Khaki, Red/Green tartan
Pebble, New Lime and Saffron
All Pebble with Black
All Rosita with Purple piping
Burgundy, Black, Black/White tartan
Purple, Black/Grey & Jade
Pebble and Bottle Green
Brown & Turquoise
Khaki and Grey
Graphite, Rosita and Lime
Graphite, Purple & Mid Grey
Rosita & Khaki, Navy gingham
Olive and Red with Red trim
Red, Pebble & Red/Green tartan
Rosita and Royal
Black, Red & White
Fawn, Bottle & Black/White tartan
Brown, Burgundy & Red/Black
Burgundy & Fawn, Fawn trim
Graphite, Red, Blackwatch
Peacock, Graphite, Red Orange
Khaki & Red, Red/Green tartan
Olive and Red
Rosita & Pebble, Burgundy gingham
Royal Blue with Aqua
Graphite, Black, Black/Grey, Baby Pink
Forest, Black/Grey stripe & Purple
Forest and Bottle
Orchid, Brown and Fawn
Eau-de-Nil, Lilac and Peacock
Fawn, Pebble & Fuchsia
Grey, Graphite & Fuchsia
Peach, Graphite & Dark Grey
Grey, New lime & Aubergine
Lilac, Lavender & Lilac gingham
Orchid, Rosita & Pink gingham
Red/Orange, Red & Forest
Royal Blue with Purple
Graphite, Black, Black/Grey, Fuchsia
Peach and Black/Grey stripe
Forest, Bottle & White
Rosita & Brown, Purple
Maize and Eau-de-Nil
Pebble, Fawn & Avocado
All Graphite
Red & Graphite
Maize, Grey & Yellow gingham
Lilac and Purple
Orchid and Rosita
Red/Orange, Red & Black gingham