Our unique pet bed design for Dogs & Cats

Our unique pet bed design has remained unchanged for 40 years.

The original pet bed design has proven time and time again to be unique and long-lasting.
The original Barka Parka pet bed designed and made in 1976 by Marion and Janet is still being used by their Labradors.
We believe that pets deserve a bed as comfortable as our own, should look great and be easy to maintain just like our own beds and linen.
That is why our pet beds are designed to replicate a bed mattress and fitted sheet.

Each pet bed set consists of two parts:

no1-orange Inner Mattress

  • The Inner mattress contains the polystyrene bean filling and
    acts like a bed mattress.
  • The sides are gusseted to maintain the bed’s shape and depth.

Read more about specific features ….

no2-orangeEasy to wash Slipcover

  • The Slip-cover goes over the mattress like a fitted sheet to keep the Inner Mattress clean from dirt and hairs.
  • Elasticized like a fitted sheet so it’s Easy to take off!
    Easy to wash! and Easy to put back on! So you do.

Read more about specific features …

pet bed inner mattress and slipcover


The Inner Mattress goes inside the Slipcover. Turn bed over. Grab and DROP! Easy!

  • Lay out the pet bed Inner mattress and slipcover
  • Grab Inner into a "ball" and place on the Slipcover
  • Pull up the sides of the slipcover over the Inner mattress
  • Spread the Inner evenly inside the Slipcover. Turn the bed over.
  • Grab the bed in the centre holding the Inner and Slipcover
  • Hold the bed in the air and drop it on the floor.
  • The pet bed is now ready to be used ......